The Little Guy That Taught Me a Big Lesson…

This weekend I had to eat my words…I told someone they couldn’t do something and they proved me wrong!! It was absolutely fantastic to be wrong and a privilege to experience the determination and perseverance that this little person showed to prove that the only limitations there were…were the ones that I put on him…

As many of you know my son, Liam (who will be 6 years old in May) and I often “get active” together. Last weekend it was climbing trees, this weekend it was cycling and running.

Now, last week Liam taught me a thing or two about tree climbing. When I was his age I was also a master tree climber, but now things are a little different and tree climbing at 34 years old is a whole new adventure. But, Liam was determined to get his Dad to the top of a few trees and so that’s what we did and had an awesome time…What amazed me was how encouraging and positive Liam was the whole way through. Encouraging me and telling me: “YES, Dad…you can do it” “Well done, Dad, that was awesome!!”.

Liam_swinging_from _the_trees

Now, this weekend, we were on my territory…running! I decided I wanted to go for a slightly longer run than I normally do and the plan was to run 8-12km. Liam kept asking if he could come with and ride his bike while I ran. I was not as keen. But, eventually I gave in, but only after telling him that he was not going to be able to make the distance…it was just too far!! I took the cell phone with and had Angie (my wife) on standby to come and fetch us when the little guy got too tired.

Liam is a very active little guy and relishes a challenge. And that is what he saw this as…

I am so glad I had to eat my words. After 4km, I was asking incessantly whether he was alright (about every 30 seconds). Eventually he told me: “Dad, I am fine. I will tell you if I am tired. How are you doing? Do you want to stop for a rest?”. Long story short…he managed 8.5km and was still looking strong. Okay, we did go slow…it took us just under 60 minutes. And we stopped a few times to look at the trees, a bird, a flower…to give a quick traffic lesson!!


But, Liam taught me a valuable lesson over the past 2 weekends. Firstly, encourage and support people as they attempt and do something that is a challenge. And secondly, don’t project your negative thoughts about whether you feel they can or cannot do something.

I am so glad Liam proved me wrong and very fortunate that he rose to the challenge and that my harsh words did not crush his little spirit.

WELL DONE Liam…you are my little HERO!!

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