Five Things Limiting YOU From Faster Fat Loss

Over the past 3 weeks, I have had a lot of people interact with me following the blog and CCFM radio chat about on Pillar Exercises – the exercises that really help firm and flatten your abs and help protect your back and improve your posture. We have even had a few people joining boot camp to experience these exercises first hand. So, if you missed that session on the metabolism makeover on CCFM radio, then please check out the blog article here to see what all the excitement is about.

But, today we are addressing a question I get asked way too often:

“5 Things Limiting You From Faster Fat Loss Results”

And the main reason we are doing this is because the most common question I get from people is “How can I get better or faster results?” (or some variation of that question).

So, here are the 5 most common things that limit your progress:
1). Your Metabolism

Or rather, the affect that most weight loss programmes have on your metabolism. You go on a diet and it won’t be long until your body begins to fight for every gram of your body fat.  You want to lose it and your body wants to keep it.  And unfortunately, your body wins every time. This is a natural response of your body as it does not know the difference between you going on a diet and their being a lack of food (or famine) out there. It is just trying to protect you…but in the process spoils your weight loss endeavours.

So, the take home message here…do not drop calories too low for too long.


2). Not a big enough negative calorie balance

This is a fine line, but most programmes either have too small a calorie deficit or too big a calorie deficit. The first instance results in very slow progress and people get despondent through lack of results. The second instance results in other negative consequences such as muscle loss and lower metabolism.

So, this is a very fine line and needs to be managed really well. Emily Ryan is our “go to” dietician to help our clients get this right…so if you need any help get in contact with Emily by clicking here.


3). No synergy between your exercise programme and eating plan

This is probably the most common problem I see. You want to aim for a  situation where your exercise and diet work together to get you amazing results. A situation where 1+1=3 or the right exercise + the right eating = WOW!!

What happens most often is:

  • 1+1=2 (expected result)
  • Or 1+1=0 (where all your effort results in little to nothing and an even worse metabolism and shape in the long run)


4). Positive Energy Balance

By positive energy balance I mean any point in your diet or eating plan where you take in more calories than you burn. This then results in a surplus level of calories and the excess is then going to be stored as fat.

Now, there are 2 main reasons this happens:

  • It is either one of those “oops” I messed up situations where you fall off the wagon and deviate from your eating plan completely
  • Or it could be a planned cheat/reward day

And, it makes sense that any time you are gaining fat on a fat loss program you are moving in the wrong direction. However, there definitely is something to be said about planned reward or cheat days…but, the important word here is “planned”. And you need to ensure that you do this for the right reasons…so chatting to an expert like Emily Ryan to ensure you get this right is very important.


5). Muscle Loss

The unfortunate reality is that 99% of diets result in a significant amount of muscle loss.  This has several big consequences:

1). You are not going to achieve the LOOK you want by losing muscle.  Most people would agree with that statement, but if you don’t and think that maintaining or gaining muscle is not important, allow me to explain:

  • Muscle firms you up and gives you a better shape, tone, definition and posture.
  • If you have two people who are exactly the same size and one of them has more muscle…believe me, the person with more muscle looks better every time!
  • If you just want to be “thin” while still hiding behind your clothes because you’re not 100% proud of your body, then losing muscle is a great way to get you there.  But if you want to look great in a bathing costume or shorts and t-shirt, then believe me, you want to hold on to every gram of muscle you have as you lose fat.

2). Losing muscle = decreased metabolism.

  • Muscle burns calories when you are resting; essentially, it’s the fuel that keeps your metabolism operating at its maximum.
  • When you lose muscle as you diet, not only does it slow your week to week progress by decreasing overall metabolism, but it also sets you up to easily and quickly gain back the weight you lose. This is as a result of the cumulative decrease in metabolism over time.
  • A “smaller” version of the same body, decreased week to week progress, and long-term metabolism issues?

All these reasons result in slower results or even worse…NO RESULTS!! Leave me your comments or questions and let’s keep this chat going…


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