Can I Change You Please…?

Change is inevitable…it happens all the time. Things change…people change. But, most people don’t like to change.

Last week Friday, my daughter, Katie (2 years old) did not want to change. Now, the change she didn’t want to make was “out of her pajamas and into her clothes to go to school”.

The process of “change” is not easy. If you want to change then it is very important to surround yourself with the right people. People who will support, encourage and mentor you to become the person you want to…

I do not like to force people to change. You cannot force people to change until they are ready for it.

Angela (my wife) and I had experienced Katie’s reluctance to change before. We have learned to pick our battles. And, this time we were ready…So, Katie went to school in her pajamas.

Of course, Angela and I had a plan in place. We packed Katie’s clothes in her school bag, and the teacher was briefed, as we knew that at some stage she would want to change. That time came a little later in the day and Katie made the “change” and looked and felt extra special.

I have realised that the same principles apply in helping people change their health and fitness. You have to wait until they are ready to change. And when they are, you provide them with everything they need in order to look and feel amazing.

Fitness Boot Camp launches it’s Transformation Contest: “The Biggest Improver” on 5 October. If you are ready to make a serious change then visit to find out how you can get fitter, healthier and sexier.

At our last Biggest Improver Contest, Winston Robertson (winner) and Tanya Miseroole (runner-up) made some incredible changes. They both lost over 8kg and achieved some amazing improvements in fitness. In fact, we even renamed an exercise after Winston…

Winston and Tanya will be back on the 5 October to help inspire and encourage YOU to get the results that you deserve…come and change with us…

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