Some great resources to help you get the results you deserve:

6 Weeks to a Firmer, Flatter Tummy

  • If it’s a firmer, flatter tummy you want then you need to check out this resource
  • 6 weeks of exercise, nutrition and motivational resources to get you exactly that!
  • All the resources (absolutely FREE)available by clicking here


The Metabolism Makeover Programme

  • If you are wanting to lose weight (body fat), get firm & toned muscles and have higher energy levels then you need to focus on your metabolism
  • This programme was featured on CCFM radio with Odile Esau and Robin Buck (Fitness & Fat Loss Expert)
  • Just click here to get access (absolutely FREE) to download some of the mp3’s and get all the additional resources including goal trackers, nutrition tips, exercise programmes, measurement tracker, and many more…
  • This programme was so popular that Robin continues to give health and fitness tips to help get you fitter, healthier and sexier each Monday at 15h50 on CCFM Radio (107.5) – tune in or click here to listen online