Part 2: How to Eat to Maximise Your Results…

As I mentioned in Part 1 of “How to eat to maximise your results”, our busy lifestyles often make it very difficult to do the planning and preparing necessary to get the results we want for weight loss, body fat loss and fitness improvements. But, you cannot out-exercise poor nutrition when it comes to getting the results you deserve and so you need to make time to plan your meals.

Today we are looking at “Balancing your meals”.

You need to adopt a “balanced” approach to eating and ensure that your meals contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A simple approach to do this is to ensure that when you look at your plate you see:

  • A good quality lean protein
    • I like to distinguish great quality proteins like this: “If it had a face, a mother, ran, flew or swam at some stage in its life then it is a great quality source of protein” (eggs, fish, poultry, lamb, beef, etc.)
  • A starchy carb:
    • Potato, rice, pasta, bread, quinoa, cous cous
    • I prefer the wholewheat options and try to eat my starchy carbs in the morning or after workouts when my body is primed to utilise the carbs better to replenish energy stores
  • Lots of fibrous carbs:
    • Vegetables and/or fruit
    • It is important to include these at every meal and try to eat a “rainbow” of fruit and vegetables (all the colours)


It is important to eat a variety of foods – not just chicken breasts and vegetables!! Plan to include a few new foods each week or add a new food each day to keep it interesting.

I’ll be back soon with part 3 on How to Plan in order to ensure you have the right meals when you need them…

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