Meal of the Month for March

Our “Meal of the Month” at boot camp is a great low carbohydrate meal that is really quick to prepare, very healthy and once again has just the right mix of:

  • Great quality protein
  • Fibrous carbohydrates
  • And healthy fats

And is perfect to help you get the results that you deserve. So, here is what you need in terms of ingredients:

  • Chicken breasts (1 or 2)
  • Salad (spinach, tomatoes, red onion, green pepper)
  • Cottage cheese (low fat)
  • Avocado
  • Rice paper


You can either steam or grill the chicken. While you are waiting for the chicken, you can chop up some red onion, green peppers, spinach and tomatoes.

Now prepare your sauce by scooping out some avocado into a bowl and mash it up. Add the low fat cottage cheese and mix it all together.

Instead of using a regular wrap, this is where the rice paper comes in…Fill a frying pan with about 1cm of water and allow the rice paper to soak in it for about 2 minutes. This enables the rice paper to become nice and pliable so you can use it to wrap your chicken and salad in. Take the rice paper out the pan and place it on a plate.

Once ready, cut the chicken into smaller pieces and put them on the rice paper. Add the salad, avocado and cottage cheese. Now, roll up and fold the rice paper around your salad and chicken to keep it all together.
All in all a great healthy chicken and salad wrap to help you on your health and fitness journey that is great for a snack or have 2 or 3 of them for a full meal.

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  1. Carol
    6 years ago

    sounds yummy – can’t wait to make some 🙂