How to have Burgers & Chips…and still Lose Body Fat & Build Muscle!

You can still eat amazing food when trying to lose body fat and build muscle.

And, if you are anything like me, you are just itching to sink your teeth into that burger and chips…

I received another great email from a colleague of mine, Craig Ballentyne, today.


Craig is probably one of the most respected fitness trainers in the world…and as you can see from the picture alongside, he practices what he preaches!!

Would you believe me if I told you that this guy eats burgers & chips ?

Well, it’s TRUE.

Here are a few great recipes that Craig just shared with me from his new vegetarian and vegan nutrition programme:

1) Burger Prep
– Take 2 portobella mushrooms (the big mushrooms!!)
– Marinade in olive oil, sea salt, and cayenne pepper seasoning
– Grill
– Place both (yeah, DOUBLE BURGER!) between two pieces of whole
grain bread (toast if desired)
– Add condiments (dijon mustard is great!)

2) Healthy Sweet Potato Chips Prep
– Thinly slice a sweet potato
– Brush with olive oil
– Put on grill or sautee on stove

It is that easy!! And all without:

– factory farmed meat
– added sugar (you’ll be amazed at how many foods contain sugar and corn syrup)
– trans fatty acids
– your local fast food outlet

Now, I am not vegetarian, but I find that this is a great addition to my healthy eating plan. But, don’t take my word for it. Craig and Kardena are the experts when it comes to vegetarian and vegan meals.

They are having an amazing sale where you can get their 90 day veggie meal plans for HALF price (until Thursday).

Click here to visit the website for more recipes from Craig & Kardena.

Please give the burger and chips a try and let me know your thoughts…

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