Fitness & Fat Loss Tip of the Month for April

When doing your grocery shopping make sure you…Shop the outer aisles

If you look at how most grocery stores are set up, 90% of what’s healthy and good for you is located on the outer perimeter: fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy.

That is why, when you shop, you should stick on the perimeter and shop the outer aisles by filling your trolley with all these healthy foods. Try to stay away from the inner aisles as much as possible. The inner aisles are generally where all the processed foods, snacks, and sweets are and once you are there, most people cannot resist! So, make sure your trip into the inner aisles is a quick one! Get in and out with just what you went in there for…

There are 2 additional guidelines I like to follow when grocery shopping to keep me on track:

  1. Try not to shop when you are hungry as when you are hungry, you will be much more likely to make unhealthy choices
  2. Always shop with a shopping list. And stick to it!! This will help ensure you stick with the healthy eating plan and shop within your budget

Healthy eating starts in the grocery store. The reason I say this is because if unhealthy food is in your cupboards or fridge, you are going to eat it at some time. So, if it doesn’t end up in your shopping trolley or basket then it won’t ever end up in your cupboards or fridge. So, follow the simple guidelines of:

  • Don’t shop when you’re hungry
  • Always have a shopping list and stick to it, and
  • Shop the outer aisles

Let me know any other shopping tips you use to stay on track with your eating plan by leaving me a comment below…


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