Eating Hamburgers the Low Carb Way…

Last week I had a craving for a hamburger, so I listened to the craving…And managed to eat and enjoy a superb hamburger all while going “Low Carb”…

Rather than go and grab a burger from McDonalds, Steers or the Wimpy, I decided to make my own…which turned out to be a lot healthier and more nutritious.

Healthy Low Carb HamburgerHere is what I did:

  • Grilled the lean beef burger patty
  • Added some red onion, tomato and lots of spinach as garnish
  • Used a portobella mushroom (the big mushrooms) instead of the roll
  • Added a little of my favourite sauce (dijon mustard may have been a little healthier!)
  • And a sprinkle of cheese (Mozzarella would also have been a little healthier!)

It was DELICIOUS!! By replacing the bread roll with the portobella mushroom, I was able to cut out the starchy carbs…which makes this a great Low Carb option!

Give it a try and let me know what you think…

If you have any delicious healthy foods that you enjoy, let me know…


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