Eat Your Favourite Foods & Lose Weight?

Imagine being able to eat all your favourite foods and still lose weight, tone muscle and look great!! If this was indeed possible wouldn’t you want to know how to do it…?

The secret is to time these “cheat” or “favourite food” meals. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to avoid your favourite foods forever. But, it does mean you have to eat smarter.

I like to think of these meals as reward meals where I get to eat whatever I want on one day of the week as long as I have followed a great eating plan and exercised well that week. On this one day, I eat whatever I want to eat.

Timing these reward meals immediately after your exercise session is also a very clever idea. Your body’s blood sugar is low after intense exercise and the “sugar” or high carb content of these meals is more likely to be burned as energy rather than stored as body fat. After intense exercise, your muscles also need to have their sugar reserves replenished in order to avoid rapid breakdown and recover faster.

Don’t overdo this strategy though – and use it on only one specific day per week or ONLY following high intensity exercise like resistance training or boot camp workouts.

But, remember, this is not a free pass to go absolutely crazy and eat junk after every exercise session! One day per week is what I find produces the best results for me and my clients.

Remember to time those reward or cheat meals and this will enable you to lose weight while still eating the foods you just cannot live without each and every week. Many of my clients use this strategy to achieve extra-ordinary results. At our boot camp program we have a nutrition plan that has been created specifically to maximise this principle…


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