Workout of the Month – “Pierre Spies Boot Camp Workout Challenge”

Getting consistent fitness and fat loss results is about giving your body a reason to do exactly that – get fitter and / or lose body fat. If you don’t give it a reason, you will stay the same.

That is why I introduced the concept of challenge workouts to my clients. Perform a workout that allows you to count the number of reps or track your time to complete the workout. Then aim to beat that time or increase your reps the next time you complete that same routine. Repeat this a few times and you will be amazed at your fitness and fat loss results.

At boot camp this month we are having some fun with a Rugby World Cup 2011 theme and are performing a variation of the Pierre Spies Challenge Workout. Now, Pierre Spies is one of the South African rugby players playing in the South African world cup rugby team and if you want a challenging workout to maximise fitness and fat loss, then just check out the video to see what we have been up to…

By utilising challenge workouts, you exercise at a higher intensity and more consistently. And, consistent improvement is a great way to ensure you get results with exercise.

Take on the Pierre Spies Boot Camp Challenge Workout and let me know how you get on…


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  1. Bob
    6 years ago

    Looks easier than it is but is a good challenge.I suppose the sensible thing is to start at level 1 exercises with a view to get to the higher levels as our fitness and fat-loss improves.I’m definitely taking on the challenge !! Here we go !!

  2. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Hi Bob, yes it does look easier than it is. Start with level 1’s and then progress when you can. This workout is an excellent way to get in a really time-efficient exercise session and maximise your fitness and fat loss results. Go for it…and keep me posted about your progress…