Workout of the Month for February – Ladder Intervals

Do you want a great workout to help you maximise your weight loss and fitness improvements?

Our workout of the month at Fitness Boot Camp for February is a “Ladder Interval Workout” and will not only help you lose weight, but also firm and flatten your abs and maximise your fitness!

Now, last month our workout of the month was one that combined 40 seconds of exercise with 20 seconds of rest and repeated this sequence with 5 different exercises. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as it is a great interval workout that will produce fantastic results.

But, this month we are including multiple interval protocols within the same interval workout. Why are we doing this?

It provides an excellent shock to your body to help you breakthrough any frustrating workout and training plateaus. In fact, it is such a great way to mix up your workout that we are spending the month of February doing just that at boot camp…

This type of workout is called a “ladder interval”. At boot camp, the ladder interval workout causing the most noise amongst our clients is the pyramid triset. Why the strange name, pyramid triset? The triset refers the fact that we have only 3 exercises in this workout (tri means 3). The pyramid refers to the way in which we combine the exercise intervals.

First we do 15 seconds of all 3 exercises. Then we do 30 seconds, then 45 seconds and then 60 seconds. Now we are at the top of our pyramid and then go back down again by performing 60, 45, 30 and 15 seconds of each exercise.

We used the following exercises in our boot camp circuit:










DB Swings








Knee to Elbow Push-Up (our exercise of the month)






We followed the sequence of 15, 30 45, 60, 60 45, 30 , 15 for each of the 3 exercises. We had a 15 second rest between each exercise and this made for a really intense 20 minute workout.

By utilising the pyramid triset workout, you break through training plateaus and continue getting the results you deserve.

Give it a try and leave your comments…


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