Weight Loss Sneaky Tips & Tricks for May

April was filled with way too many holidays and chocolate, so here are some great weight loss tips and tricks to help you recover from that and also tackle the winter months, where weight gain seems to be as inevitable as the colder weather for some…



  • Replace fruit juice with fruit.

– Fruit juice isn’t as healthy as most people think it is mainly because it has a lot of sugar in it. If you do have to drink fruit juice, squeeze it yourself and ensure it has some of the pulp in it for added fibre. Or even better, drink water and just eat the fruit instead. The whole fruit provides your body with much needed fibre as well as a better assimilation of vitamins and minerals.



  • Eat Avocados.

– Many people think they have to stay away from avocados due to their high fat content. This is definitely a mistake as the monounsaturated fat in avocados actually boosts your muscle-feeding and fat-melting hormones, keeps your insulin levels balanced, enhances calcium absorption, and has huge amounts of potassium (a mineral that’s helpful with weight loss and lowering blood pressure – but is deficient in most people’s diets). You can cut up the avocado and add it to salads and sandwiches or make some delicious guacamole by adding some tomatoes, coriander, lime, and chilli’s / peppers.



  • Buy grass-fed meats.

– If you do eat red meat, try and look for the free-range, grass fed variety. These will be higher in conjugated linoleic acid or CLA which is a natural “fat-burning fat”.



  • Workout early in the morning if you can.

– When you exercise like we advise at Fitness Boot Camp (check out the metabolism makeover programme resources), you stimulate your metabolism and ensure it is elevated for long after your training. So, by exercising in the morning, you can have a higher metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. You also get your exercise DONE for the day, which means if anything comes up later you do not run the risk of losing out on your workout



  • Make your weight loss and fitness transformation public.

– Some of the people you tell will show you extra support by encouraging you or not tempting you with things you shouldn’t be eating. You may even find that some join you in your quest to lose weight and get fitter and you will gain an extra level of accountability and support. Now, there is a whole other side to this because making your weight loss public takes a lot of guts, as it harnesses one of the most powerful motivators out there…embarrassment. It’s so much easier to quit when you know that no one else is watching. It’s so much harder when you’re worried about what your colleagues, family and friends will think if you throw in the towel.


That’s it for another month of sneaky weight loss tips and tricks.

Remember, pick a few of these and focus on making them a part of your routine. Reinforce these little changes every day until they become habits. Within a few short weeks, you’ll have developed healthier habits that come naturally and will support your long term weight loss goals. It’s amazing how little changes in your life can add up to you losing five, ten, fifteen or more kilograms over time…

Leave me your comments about any tips and tricks you’ve tried or how you are getting on with implementing the sneaky tips and tricks I shared in March

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  1. chantal
    7 years ago

    Hi Robin , hope you are well.

    I am going to try theses sneaky tips for the month of May and see.

    Regards Chantal –

    Regards to all the bootcampers .

  2. robinbuck
    7 years ago

    Hi Chantal, great to hear from you…keep me posted on how you go with these tips…I will be back with some more in June! I will pass on your regards to all the boot campers…

  3. Chantal
    7 years ago

    Will do Robin. You havent managed to join forces with Discovery medical aid yet ?

  4. robinbuck
    7 years ago

    Unfortunately not…will have a relook at it!!