Weight Loss Sneaky Tips & Tricks For March

Many people are so busy trying to hunt for the latest greatest diet or exercise programme that they miss doing the little things that can make a huge difference when done on a consistent basis.

Reinforce these little changes every day until they become habits. Within a few short weeks, you’ll have developed healthier habits that come naturally and will support your long term weight loss goals.

It’s amazing how little changes in your life can add up to you losing five, ten or more kilograms – and these simple tips & tricks all revolve around eating right and getting your body moving.

Here are 5 great weight loss tips and tricks for March:


  • Drink hot cocoa. If you have a chocolate weakness, this will help you survive.
    • Buy some unsweetened cocoa powder (make sure the ingredients just list cocoa)
    • Use low fat or skim milk
    • You can add sugar substitute or a half scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
    • Cook it up on the stove
    • You’ll get the satisfying shot of chocolate along with muscle-feeding, fat-burning protein and a nice dose of healthy antioxidants.



  • Eat Kiwis
    • These little fruit powerhouses have about twice as much vitamin C as an orange and are “protectors” of nitric oxide levels in your body.
    • This helps increase blood flow and can help with improving muscle size and toning as well as mobilizing fat.
    • Eat one kiwi before your exercise session and another immediately after to really maximize your training’s muscle-building and fat burning effects.



  • Shop the outer aisles
    • When grocery shopping, stay away from the inner aisles as much as possible
    • If you look at how stores are set up, 90% of what’s good for you and on your shopping list is located on the outer perimeter: fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy.
    • The inner aisles are generally where all the processed foods, snacks, and sweets are and once you are there, most people cannot resist!



  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
    • These are great conveniences, but they make us very lazy. Also, depending upon how many flights you have to take, it may even be quicker to take the stairs than to wait for an elevator to open and then stop at every floor to let other passengers off.
    • It’s a great opportunity to burn some extra calories!



  • The easiest way to know if you’re losing weight is by the fit of your clothes.
    • Clothes do not lie!!
    • If your clothes start feeling looser, then you know that your eating and exercise plan are doing you some good.
    • Another great way to know if you’re losing weight is if you are able to move your belt along a notch tighter


Choose one or two (or all five) of these and try to make them part of your routine…Leave me a few comments and I will be back with more sneaky weight loss tips and tricks soon…


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  1. Melissa Hunn
    7 years ago

    Hey there. Thanks for these tips, always looking for ways to lose weight. I was told by a Nutritionist that the worst thing you can do is use sugar sweetners such as candarel, etc. They say it’s rather better to use sugar. Is this true?

  2. Timothy lundy
    7 years ago

    great tips and i have been using some in the past 9 weeks. I have gone from 100.4kg down to 92kgs but now it is getting really hard to keep up the fight! My target time is 12 weeks and 90kgs and then the final push down to 85kgs. Not really had to change much,just stopped eating red meat,sweets,sugar,chocolate and anything that may have fat in it like red meat.I drink about 1 liter of water a day and no more sweet drinks or sugar drinks. Beer is out as well except light beer and then only 3 per day for max 3 days a week. Whisky is also on the menu but only one a day for no more than 4 days a week. Problem is I’m now stuck at 92-93kgs and I need to do more.I am also doing a hike once a weekbut need to step the intensity up I think. So what do you think?

  3. robinbuck
    7 years ago

    Hi Melissa,

    Your question whether to utilise sugar or sweeteners is a very interesting debate…that continues to rage on! People seem to get quite “excited & emotional” about this and there are many health & fitness professionals who have pinned their colours to the mast as regards their stance on which is better.

    What I like to do is analyze the research and see what “in the trenches” experience also tells me. I have a colleague, Joel Marion, who does this very well too and he has written 3 great blog posts on that exact topic: “artificial sweeteners, aspartame, safety, and weight loss”

    You can check out 2 of them here to answer your questions:

    Joel shares some fascinating research and thoughts that seem to fly in the face of those that condemn artificial sweeteners…well worth the read!! I would be very interested to know why your Nutritionist has advised you this and what research or experience he/she has based their opinion on??

  4. robinbuck
    7 years ago

    @Timothy: Thanks for the kind words & well done on some great weight loss over the past 9 week!! I love the adage that Einstein used that the definition of insanity is “trying the same things and expecting a different result”! So, in other words, if you are plateauing on your results or want quicker results…then all you need is a change!

    Here are a few suggestions:
    1). Reduce your starchy carbs (rice, pasta, breads, etc.) – and increase the vegetables!
    2). Reduce the beer and whisky intake (alcohol has a habit of slowing down body fat loss as your liver is busy processing the alcohol and not focusing on metabolising the fat)
    3). Increase your water intake to 1.5 – 2 litres per day

    1). I am not sure if you are only doing a hike once a week or whether you are doing any additional exercise? If you are not doing anything, then just adding 2 (or 3) 20-30 minute high intensity exercise sessions should really help!!
    2). High Intensity Circuit Training: this involves doing full body workouts a few times a week – it is amazing for body fat loss and so much more effective than cardio. You can download and checkout an example of workouts below (there is workout music and a short video demo):
    You can also check out the Metabolism Makeover programme resources below:
    3). Interval Training: also a great way to burn more calories and maximise your metabolism (there are more examples in the metabolism makeover – link above)

    Timothy, I hope that helps! Give me a call if you have any further queries or need more help (084 981 0233)