Week 4: Our Firmer, Flatter Tummy Journey Continues…

Today is the start of Week 4 of our 6 week journey to a firmer, flatter tummy where Boot Camp To Go is giving you weekly exercise workouts and eating tips for you to get some amazing results in terms of fitness and fat loss!


Before we get into this week’s exercise workouts and eating tips, a quick recap of what we did last week for those of you who need it:

  • I chatted about how you need to focus on eating protein at each and every food meal as this will help you:


Now, let’s get into this week’s focus.

Because we are halfway through the programme, you need to take some more measurements. So, get on the scale, use that tape measure or try on some clothes to see if they fit better. You need to know how you are progressing.


In terms of our nutrition focus for this week, we are going to go back to week 1 and repeat what we did there. So, that means you need to keep a nutrition diary because this will help you eat healthier and make better choices. And it allows you to check up on how your eating right now has changed compared to when you started this programme.

I also want you to focus on eating more fruit and vegetables – especially vegetables and aim for 4 – 5 portions of vegetables each and every day.


In our exercise focus, we are once again going to focus on metabolic resistance and interval training workouts to maximise your metabolism. These types of training have been proven to be up to 9 times more effective at helping you lose weight, burn body fat and improve your fitness.


So, this week you need to focus on once again eating more fruit and vegetables. And track your progress with your nutrition diary.

I have also added a whole set of brand new exercise workouts for the next 3 weeks of the programme to ensure that your results don’t plateau and you keep revving up your metabolism and sculpting a firmer, flatter tummy.


So, your homework for this week is to perform 4 – 5 exercise workouts and eat more vegetables. Don’t forget to let me know how you are doing on the programme, by leaving some comments in the member area at bootcamptogo


Thank you for all those people who are interacting with me via email and in the member area.

However, if this is the first time you are hearing about this programme, then don’t worry as you can still join us absolutely FREE to get a firmer, flatter tummy by going here

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