Week 3 of our Firmer, Flatter Tummy Journey…

Today is the start of Week 3 of our 6 week journey to a firmer, flatter tummy where Fitness Boot Camp & Boot Camp To Go are giving you weekly exercise workouts and eating tips for you to help you lose body fat and firm and tone your abs.

Before we get into this week’s exercise workouts and eating tips, a quick recap of what we did last week for those of you who need it. I chatted about how most people eat way too many processed carbohydrates & sugar – white bread, pasta, pies, chips, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks.

And our homework was to reduce these in our eating and to drink more water.

Week 3 Focus

Now, let’s get into our nutrition focus for this week. You need to eat protein at each food meal. “Okay” you say, that sounds easy enough. “But, what is a protein?”

Proteins are what the experts call “Macronutrients”. There are three other food sources categorised as macronutrients. They are: Carbohydrates, Fats and Water. We need to include a balanced amount of these macronutrients in our diets in order to survive.

Excluding any one group of these, will lead to problems. But, protein has the added benefit of making us feel fuller and increasing our metabolism.

Now, if my earlier explanation of what a protein is didn’t help you much, then this one definitely will. Just remember this little quote and you will always know what I consider to be a good source of protein:

“If it had a face or a mother, ran, flew or swam at some stage in its life, then it is a good quality source of protein”. So, eggs didn’t ever have a face (they didn’t quite make it), but they did have a mother! So, eggs are a great source of protein. So, are lean beef, chicken and fish as they all ran, flew or swam at some stage in their life.

So, remember that: “If it had a face or a mother, ran, flew or swam at some stage in its life, then it is a good quality source of protein”. And, this week you need to focus on eating protein at each and every food meal.

I have also added an extra metabolic resistance training workout for those of you who would like to perform 3 of these this week and then your 2 interval training workouts, taking your total to 5 workouts. If however, 4 workouts is enough for you and you are getting the results you want, then continue with the same 2 metabolic resistance training workouts and 2 interval training workouts you did last week.


Here is the summary of your homework:

  • Perform 4 – 5 exercise workouts
  • Eat good quality protein at each meal

That’s all for this week, so get exercising and eating better and I look forward to us continuing our exciting journey next week where I will be bringing you more of the best exercises and nutrition tips to ensure you have a firmer, flatter tummy in a few weeks…

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