The Truth About a Firmer, Flatter Tummy and 6 Pack Abs

There are so many products out there, magazine articles, and gadgets promising you a firm, flat stomach or six pack abs in little to no time! If it was as easy as they promise, then almost everyone would be walking around with washer board abs…and the reality is…well, you know…VERY few people have them!!

So, how do you get them?

The first thing you need is the right information.

One of the biggest problems is that there is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to this topic. And to try and sort through it, I like to do something called “following the money“. Now, what I mean by this is to look closer at who is giving the advice and what are they trying to sell you. So, if it is a magazine – well they are trying to sell their magazine. If it is a supplement company, well they are trying to sell their supplements, etc. Is it an infomercial, well they are trying to sell you the latest gadget. So, this could alert your little radar to whether this information is reliable or not.

BUT, in order to help you make the right decisions when it comes to getting a firm, flat stomach or six pack abs, I want to tell you exactly what is required. Then you will be in a much better position to make the choices about whether the information being shared by the magazine articles, adverts or infomercials is worth listening to…

There are 2 parts to getting a firm, flat tummy or 6 pack abs:

1). You need to get your body fat low enough in order to be able to see your abs [women 16-18% (careful about getting too low – as it can be unhealthy); guys: 8-10% to really see abs]

  • whether you’re seeking a firmer, flatter stomach or six pack abs, you need to be able to see those abs and so you need to get rid of the fat that is sitting on top of them.

2). You need to exercise those abs so that they look really good (more toned, firmer, better defined)

And that’s it!! As simple as that. But, simple and easy are not the same things. And this may be simple, but it is certainly not easy.

I will be sharing more in my next blog about what exercises are best. Or checkout a few other blog posts on ab exercises here. You can also tune into CCFM radio (107.5 fm) on a Monday at 16h00-16h30 to listen to me live as I take the presenters Odile Esau and Lulie Masimini on a journey to get a firmer, flatter tummy!

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