The Final Week of our 6 Weeks to a Firmer, Flatter Tummy!

Today is Week 6 of our 6 week journey to a firmer, flatter tummy where Fitness Boot Camp & Boot Camp To Go are giving you weekly exercise workouts and eating tips for you to get the results you deserve.

Before we get into this week’s exercise workouts and eating tips, a quick recap of what we did last week for those of you who need it. I chatted about how processed carbohydrates & sugar have a way of creeping into our diets – white bread, pasta, pies, chips, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks. These are all “convenience foods” and our homework was to reduce these in our eating and to drink more water.

Now, let’s get into this week’s focus:

Make sure you perform your weekly measurements to track your progress as you get into the last week of the programme. Get on that scale, use a tape measure or try on some clothes to establish how you are progressing. Please be sure to post a comment on the blog to let me know how you are doing!

In terms of our nutrition focus for this week, repeat week 3 by focussing once again on eating good quality protein at each food meal. Protein helps make you feel full and increases your metabolism.

In terms of knowing what good quality sources of protein to eat, just remember this little quote:

“If it had a face or a mother, ran, flew or swam at some stage in its life, then it is a good quality source of protein”.

So, eggs didn’t ever have a face (they didn’t quite make it), but they did have a mother! So, eggs are a great source of protein. So, are lean beef, chicken and fish as they all ran, flew or swam at some stage in their life.

So, remember that: “If it had a face or a mother, ran, flew or swam at some stage in its life, then it is a good quality source of protein”.


In our exercise focus, we are once again going to focus on the metabolic resistance and interval training workouts to build lean muscle, burn more body fat and maximise your metabolism.

So, your exercise homework for this week is to perform 4 – 5 exercise workouts and eat good quality protein at each meal.

Thank you for all those people who are interacting with me via email and the blog. If this is the first time you are hearing about this programme, then don’t worry as you can still join us to get a firmer, flatter tummy by going to:

Next week we have a special feature on the “Holiday fitness and fat loss survival guide”…

Be sure to check back here and discover how you can start the new year fitter and leaner…If you listen next week on CCFM radio (15h40 – 15h55 on 107.5 FM (you can also listen live online here) then you will even get to hear a little from Liam, my 7 year old son, on how he plans to help keep his parents fit during the holidays…

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