The “3 Minute Challenge” – Workout of the Month for April

Our workout of the month at Fitness Boot camp  is guaranteed to get you some amazing fitness and fat loss results…

The 3 Minute Challenge Workout involves you trying to fit in as many repetitions as you can in 3 minutes. We used a 5 exercise circuit at boot camp and performed 15 reps of each of the 5 exercises. Once we were finished our 15 reps at one exercise, we moved on to the next exercise and just kept going until the 3 minutes were up.

Total up how many exercises you completed and multiply that by the 15 reps at each in order to arrive at the total number of reps you have performed in the 3 minute time period.

We completed 5 of these 3 minute circuits with a 1 minute rest in between each. This makes for a great 20 minute workout and you just add up all your reps in each 3 minute circuit to get your total reps for the 20 minutes.

Next time you perform this workout, you try to beat your reps from the last exercise session. This resulted in boot campers pushing themselves really hard to set a personal best each time. You compete against yourself and setting a personal best the next time means that you know you have definitely done enough to ensure that your body changes and gets fitter, stronger and leaner!

Here are some fantastic benefits you get from performing this type of workout:

  1. You Save time because the workouts are much shorter than most people spend in the gym (and in my opinion they work better too!!)
  2. You maximise your metabolism – you get a huge increase in metabolism during and after your workout, which means you burn more calories while you are resting after your workout. We call this the “afterburn affect”
  3. Great for strength and adding lean muscle (increase metabolism)
  4. Great for weight loss / fat loss
  5. Can be really simple workouts with little to no equipment

In terms of the exercises in the 5 exercise circuit, at boot camp we did 15 reps of:

By utilising the challenge workout, you can get some great fitness and fat loss results to ensure you get fitter, healthier and sexier…

Leave me your comments about how you do YOUR the 3-minute challenge workout…

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