More For Less…?

More results, less time…that’s what I am always after…

And it just happens to be one of the many questions I get asked too:
“How do I get more results from my workouts…while spending less time working out?”

Great question. Simple answer: INTENSITY

You have to increase the intensity of your workouts. Now there are two main methods that you can use to double, triple or even quadruple your results!!

1). Use supersets

This involves alternating two exercises performed one after each other with no rest. Once the superset is completed, then have a short rest before repeating it.
Below is a clip of my little boy Liam (5 years old) performing pull-ups followed by push-ups (there are even some little sound effects as he works really hard…no one said this was easy…but he just loves it!!).

Yes, I couldn’t believe it either!! This little guy is strong…it’s no surprise that he climbs trees like a monkey with strength like that.

So, you could perform 3 supersets and rest about 30 seconds between each.

2). Interval Training

Do not make the mistake of going at one continuous pace with your cardio if your goals are fast fat loss or fitness improvements. Go fast for a bit, then slow for a bit. 1 minute fast followed by 3 minutes slow is a great place to start. You can apply this to walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, stepping…just about any cardio.


When Liam and I do our weekend run and bike ride…he plays a “super-hero” game and every now and then gets “super-speed”. This has me sprinting to keep up with him on his bike, but makes for a great interval training session…Yes, this little guy helps keep me on my toes and fighting fit.

I will be back with more later in the week…

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