Maximise Your Workout And Your Results…

At fitness boot camp we have had some awesome results over the past few months with people losing anything from 4 – 10kg!!

Last month at boot camp we did a series of DENSITY workouts that the boot campers are still raving about…and it was these workouts that helped many of our boot campers toward their incredible results!!

The density workouts were an excellent way to burn as many calories as possible in as short a time as possible…and then have the benefit of ramping up your metabolism for the next 24 – 48 hours after the workout was finished!!

Here is an example of how we performed one of the workouts:

  • 5 exercises in a circuit
    • 10 reps of lunges (we used lateral lunges)
    • 30 reps of cardio (running on the spot was a favourite)
    • 10 reps of bridges (hip extensions)
    • 10 reps of burpees (an absolute killer)
    • 10 reps of push-up rows (alternating rowing with a dumbbell from the pushup position)
  • Perform as many circuits as you can in 20 minutes – the record at boot camp was 12
  • In the people who performed 12 rounds they got through 840 reps in 20 minutes – and I can vouch for their exercise technique and form – it was really good!! Now that is an average of 42 reps per minute. Most people wouldn’t even be able to keep up that pace for even a few minutes! It was awesome to watch.
  • There was also a great improvement from week to week – one of the ladies went from 9 circuits to 12 circuits – that’s a 33% improvement (a total of 210 reps improvement)

Give this one a go and let me know how you improve…


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