How to Workout at the Beach these Holidays…

I am writing this blog while on holiday at Carmel in George…it is an absolutely amazing place as you can see from the picture below (view from carmel)…

But, this has been a holiday with a difference as I have been putting some of the Carmel staff and other people staying at Carmel through their paces as we performed some boot camp workouts here at Carmel and at Victoria Bay beach this week.

The whole focus has been around living a healthier lifestyle and we have included the whole family in workouts – so children and adults have been working out and there are quite a few stiff bodies hobbling around Carmel at the moment!

Here are some photos of our workouts:


The highlight for me was a beach workout which we performed while the children had a sandcastle building contest. The exercise circuit only lasted 10 minutes, but we really worked hard. Here is how it worked:

We had 4 exercises (squats, push-ups, single leg deadlift and back pillar) and each exercise required 10 reps to be performed. Once you had completed 10 reps of exercise 1, you moved to exercise 2 and completed your 10 reps there. This continued at exercise 3 and 4. You had 2 minutes to complete the 4 exercises, although we all aimed to complete them in 90 seconds so that we could rest for at least 30 seconds before the next 2 minute circuit began. We performed 5 of these circuits to make a great 10 minute beach workout!

You can also perform this workout at home…it does not have to be at the beach!

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