Holiday Survival Guide

survival guide

This is the time of year where most people let their health and fitness slide as they over indulge in food and find themselves too busy to exercise.

So, today we focus on a few things you can do in order to keep on track during this time. I also have a really practical way to ensure you stick to these guidelines – a “holiday survival checklist” which you can download by clicking here

The checklist has 10 things for you to do. You can review your week against the checklist and if your goal is to maintain your weight then you need to score at least 5/10. If your goal is to lose weight or body fat, then you will need to score 8 or more out of 10 on the checklist.

The BIG Problem:

Let’s chat about the biggest mistake people make this time of year:

  1. Missing your next workout
    • we get too busy and we miss a workout
    • then we fall into the “slippery slope mindset” where you miss a second workout and then you promise yourself you will start again next week
    • Before you know it…the holidays are over, those workouts never ever happened and you have gained a few kilograms…

What to do about it:

Now, let’s chat about a great strategy to avoid this deadly trap:

  1. Raise the level of accountability
    • Get someone to exercise with
    • A friend or family member is a great idea
    • If you have them, you can even get your children to help keep you fit during the holidays
    • my children help keep my wife and I fit during the holidays
      • Play tennis, Climb trees, Play on-on, Ride bikes, Play tickle monster and chase each other around the house, Jump on the trampoline
    • Children have an incredible way of not letting you say no…so they can be a great way to keep you fit and active during the holidays


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