Superhero Saves the World One Workout at a Time

If you have read my blog before, then you already know that I interact with a few superheroes on a regular basis (Do Superheroes Need to Workout in order to Stay in Shape?). But, there is a new breed of super-villain out there…and his name is “Aerobics”.

He has been spreading lies and misconceptions about how he helps with fat loss without any proof that what he says, does any good at all…?!

BUT wait…what is that…is it a bird…is it a plane…NO, it’s Interval Man!!


Interval Man is saving the world by spreading his message of Fast Fitness & Fat Loss…and what’s more his message is backed by some very sound research and real results from real people. Just ask our boot campers who lose up to 4kg every 4 weeks at boot camp!!

Check out Interval Man’s most recent exploits:

P.S. I know the true identity of Interval Man and chat to him on a weekly basis about saving the world one workout at a time! Afterall, it’s what we do here at Fitness Boot Camp…

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