Fitness Boot Camp Workouts For March

The One-Sided Argument for Amazing Abs…

At boot camp this month we are going to be focusing on our abs!!

Not a day seems to go by that some new crazy abdominal exercise or gadget hits the market promising us quick and easy results.

Spot reduction just doesn’t work… so you can perform 100’s of crunches and sit-ups and still not be happy with the way your abs look. Now, having just explained that spot reduction doesn’t work… I’m going to assume that you know that putting on some strange and wonderful waist belt that shoots electrical impulses is also NOT going to get you a firmer, flatter, more toned tummy.

So, how exactly do you get awesome abs?

Well, in order to understand the truth about getting amazing abs you need to know the 2 reasons why most people fall short:

  • Reason#1- You need to burn the belly fat that’s covering up your abs
  • Reason#2- You need to do the right exercises that build firm, flat abs so they really show when you flaunt them


What if I told you that the best way to get a more appealing core was to perform all of your exercises one side at a time?

And how fantastic would it be if we could combine these core-intensive one-sided exercises into one monster tummy fat-smashing, muscle-sculpting total body metabolic circuit to take your abs to the next level?


The answer can be found in 3 words:


Circuit training consists of performing alternating sets of non-competitive exercises (exercises that focus on different muscles) and this therefore allows for maximum intensity due to full recovery between exercise movements. It is also by far the most time-efficient approach to fighting belly fat.

I believe circuit training is the foundation of any solid fat-burning, muscle-building, and metabolism-boosting workout.  And this is what boot campers will be doing throughout March…various Unilateral Circuit Training workouts!!

Let’s take a quick look at two breakthrough scientific studies that support the fat-smashing, metabolism-boosting effects of circuit training:

1). Burn over 500 calories in 20 minutes: In a recent study by the University of Southern Maine, researchers discovered that a weight training circuit burned 71% more calories than previously thought. In fact, an eight minute circuit burned somewhere between 159 and 233 calories which breaks down to about 20-28 calories per minute!

2). Elevate metabolism for up to 38+ hours post-workout: In a study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers determined that a 31-minute circuit training elevated metabolism for 38 hours post-workout– at which point they decided to stop tracking.

So, by focusing on a total body circuit that burns belly fat while using core-intensive unilateral exercises that build rock-hard abs, we can achieve the best of both worlds!

Check out the video below for a great unilateral circuit workout:


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