Fitness Boot Camp Workouts for April

At boot camp this month we are going to be focusing on exercises that maximise fat burning and those that build a firmer, flatter and more toned set of abs!!

So, let’s get stuck into what is happening at boot camp this month…

Our workouts this month are called: “Adrenaline Abs”

It has become pretty clear to me over the past few years in my own training and working with 100’s of people at boot camp that you get better results with shorter, but higher intensity interval training.

Let’s take a closer look at this by dissecting our “Adrenaline Abs” Workout focus for this month…


So, let’s first talk about the adrenaline aspect of Adrenaline Abs. What exactly is adrenaline?

Adrenaline is a specific hormone that belongs in the general category of hormones called catecholamines.

Catecholamines are basically your “fight or flight” hormones that get released into your blood stream in response to big stressors like being chased by baboons, riding an Cobra roller coaster at Ratanga Junction, or during very intense exercise or activities (like boot camp).

Some Research…

In a study at the University of South Wales in 2007, it was discovered that short, max-intensity intervals resulted in greater fat loss than long, slow, boring cardio.

The study basically took a group of 45 obese women and broke them into 2 separate groups with distinct exercise protocols.

Group 1 performed three short 20-minute high-intensity interval training workouts per week consisting of an 8 second maximum effort and 12 second active recovery interval protocol.

Group 2 performed three 40-minute steady-state aerobic workouts per week.

There was also no change in diet for either group so exercise was the only variable in the research study.

After 15 weeks the researchers discovered that even though the aerobic group exercised for twice as long as the interval group, the interval group lost more body fat (3 times more), specifically in the most stubborn areas of the tummy, hips, and thighs.

They concluded that the increased fat loss was due to a larger release of catecholamines (adrenaline) with the interval group.

Basically, the shorter intervals allow you to work at a higher intensity and intensity is truly what makes the body change.


So, how are we applying this research into our boot camp workouts?

In this research study they used a bike for the exercise – 8 seconds exercise, 12 seconds rest. I prefer to use total body exercises instead so that we really increase adrenaline levels through the roof. Total body exercises integrate multiple movement patterns and get your whole body (upper and lower body working) and therefore get your heart rate up high and encourage the optimal fat-burning and muscle-building stimulus.

Classic total body exercise examples include:

  • squat to presses
  • squat swings
  • olympic lifting variations like cleans, snatches, jerks, etc.
  • More traditional cardiovascular variations: running, hopping, skipping, jumping, shuffling, etc.

We then do these total body exercise for short intervals (10 seconds). BUT, there is more…we combine these exercises with the second part I am going to chat about today…”ABS”.



Now, we’ve already mobilized some body fat with our maximum effort 10-second bouts of total body exercises, so let’s now integrate some core stability training to build a firm, flat, sexy midsection.

I believe that core stability is an essential component of any good training programme.

In terms of what exercises we do…Most people know that doing crunches and sit-ups will not only NOT help you get flat abs (spot reduction doesn’t work) but WILL cause you some serious back and/or neck pain at some point down the line if it hasn’t already.

Core training should rather emphasize the holding or stabilizing in all 3 dimentions. And the exercises that I recommend are our pillar exercises:

  • Front pillar
  • Back pillar
  • Side pillar
  • And some interesting variations…

Now, we also hold these for 10 seconds. Why 10 seconds for the core stability holds?

Well, it’s simple- it’s about QUALITY over QUANTITY. Because we do multiple sets over 5 minutes, you get a lot of 10 second holds and they all add up to produce an amazing ab workout.


Putting it All Together…

Okay, so how do we combine this to ensure an awesome workout at boot camp?

  • 10 seconds of a total body exercise
  • 5 seconds to transition to your core exercise
  • 10 seconds of a core exercise
  • 5 seconds to change back to your total body exercise

This sequence is repeated for 5 minutes and then we have a 1 minute rest. We then repeat this sequence 3 times.

Now, if you would like to experience this exact routine, then please come and visit us at boot camp…we do offer a 2 week testdrive where you can come along and try before you buy!! Just visit click here and fill in your details at the top of the page!

You can also click here to access our metabolism makeover resources where you can download an “adrenaline abs” workout to do at home!

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