Fitness Boot Camp Reveals 3 Father’s Day Fitness Essentials

If you are a Dad (if you have a Dad) then reading this blog article could save your life (the life of your dad) and the quality of the memories your children have of you (you have of your dad)

Some of the best memories I have of growing up are spending time with my Dad. My Dad and my “special time” involved us being active together.

We would often go for walks in the forest or on the beach. When I was a little older, we would run together and my Dad studied (in his spare time) to become a very skilled athletics coach just so he could be my coach and we could spend more time together.

This special time together was almost cut very short when my Dad (in his 40’s) had a major heart attack and bypass surgery. Fortunately, he lived to tell the tale and now our time together is even more special.

Now, I have a little boy, Liam, who is 5 years old. I want him to grow up with the same privilege that I had…spending quality “active” time with his Dad. This is the legacy that my father created and I want to do the same for Liam and his children.

My Liam has a thing for climbing trees…if it’s there, he will climb it!! And therein came my opportunity…I must be one of the only father’s I know that still climbs trees with his son. Yes, It is not as easy as it used to be, but nothing beats the look of joy on Liam’s face and the look of surprise (and disbelief) on all the other parents faces as Liam and I “swing” through the trees together.

I owe my tree climbing abilities to my dedication to my fitness programme and workouts. It’s quite simple: the stronger and fitter I am, the better I climb trees…and more importantly:

The better I am able to get into my son’s world to spend time with him and in that way build those “quality time memories” that he will carry for a lifetime.

So, if you have a Dad OR if you are a Dad then here are 3 fitness essentials you need to start applying:

1). Get full body workouts

Dad’s these days are in the worst shape ever recorded. Start a fitness programme and make sure you focus on full body workouts. Work your arms, legs, core and fitness at every workout. You will save time (which you can then invest with your children) and you will also get faster, more effective results. Here is an example of a circuit you can do:

Five Exercise Circuit

Five Exercise Circuit

Repeat this circuit for 5-10 minutes for a great full body workout.

2). Lay off the Beers

Most Dad’s have a keg for a gut rather than a six pack!! Personally I prefer the six pack, for 2 main reasons:

– it makes for easier tree climbing

– my wife loves it!!

Alcohol stops fat burning dead in its tracks. If you want to be fitter and leaner, you must minimise your alcohol consumption.

If you must drink:

– choose wine or “light beer”

– limit your intake to 1-2 days per week with 1-2 drinks per day (maximum)

3). Accept the fact that you probably need some professional fitness advice

I have a few superstar clients that have lost 10-15kg (33lbs) and changed their lives within a matter of a few months. When chatting to them, here is the take home message:

“What you don’t know will hurt you…But, what you think you know will KILL you!”

So, Dad’s quit being stubborn and macho…boot camp and personal trainers are not just for your wife and her lady friends!!

In fact to all Dad’s out there I would like to offer a FREE one week membership to our next boot camp for you to come and testdrive our programme. It could save your life…and / or the quality of the memories your children have of you!!

To claim your FREE week, just leave a comment on my blog below or send me an email:email_robin

Yours in Fitness,


P.S. Mom’s and children, you can apply on Dad’s behalf (…because sometimes us Dad’s need a gentle nudge from our loved ones!!)

P.P.S. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. You mean everything to me…!!

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  1. Green
    7 years ago

    i will suggest my baby’s dad to do this exercise.Start a fitness programme and diet plan both are important for all dads.

  2. Nicolas Riseden
    7 years ago

    Very best quote quote of the day: “Boot Camp is substantially much better than my coffee within the morning! Coffee wears off in an hour, fitness lasts a lifetime!”