Fitness Boot Camp Exercise of the Month

Ever wanted an exercise that worked just about everything…?

Well, this month’s fitness boot camp exercise of the month is one of those exercises!

Now, I have not chosen this exercise because the textbooks say it is really good. Although, if this exercise was in any textbook, they would have to agree that this is an excellent exercise. But, this exercise has been chosen as it has been the most talked about exercise at Fitness Boot Camp this month – the boot campers have either raved about it or dreaded its appearance in the workouts! It is that good and that tough…

So, our exercise of the month for February is:

“The Corkscrew Push-Up”

Now, most people know what a push-up is and have probably at some stage in their life attempted a few. But, few people know just how good push-ups can be in your workout. Often it is thought that they just work the arms / shoulders, but push-ups can be a full body workout when you use them properly…And the Corkscrew Push-Up is no exception!

Many world class athletes and sports people include push-ups and the many variations of push-ups that exist in their workouts, because they have come to realise just how fantastic these exercises are at helping to maximise your results.

Okay, so what muscles or parts of the body does the Corkscrew Push-up work?

  • Quadriceps (muscles on the front of your thigh): most people would benefit from stronger quads as they will help make many ADL’s a lot easier; and because these are one of the biggest muscle groups in the body, working these muscles really helps to boost your metabolism
  • Calves (muscles on the back of your leg below the knee); nice lean calfs are a great asset for anyone wanting to get fitter, healthier and sexier and the corkscrew push-up will help work these muscles too
  • Abs / Core: 99.9% of people want a firmer, flatter tummy and the corkscrew push-up helps firm and flatten those love handles and the abdominal bulge that sits below most peoples’ belly button
  • Chest / Shoulders / Triceps: Most of the muscles in your upper body are working during this exercise, which makes it an ideal exercise to strengthen, tone and build definition in your arms.

Okay, so how is this exercise performed?

Just check out the video below to see how the corkscrew push-up is done…there are even 3 levels of difficulty for you…

Leave me some comments about what you think of the corkscrew push-up…

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  1. Cynthia
    7 years ago

    Robin, looks easy when you do it but when we do it at bootcamp is one of the most difficult exercises. Add it to every session so that we can get the full benefit of it.


  2. robinbuck
    7 years ago

    You are absolutely right, Cynthia, it is a great exercise. Perhaps we need to make this one a regular part of our “finisher”?

  3. Bruce
    7 years ago

    I tried this but now have to spend the rest of the day in bed. Ouch!

  4. airdyne
    7 years ago

    Thanks for your info here.
    I want have a try next week.
    nice post again!