Exercise of the Month for September – Crawl Push-Up

Our exercise of the month for September is

“The Crawl Push-Up”

Now, most people know what a push-up is and have probably at some stage in their life attempted a few. But, few people know just how good push-ups can be in your workout.

Often it is thought that they just work the arms and shoulders, but push-ups can be a full body workout when you use them properly…And the Crawl Push-Up is no exception! Our boot campers had sore abs from doing this one, so we know it is a great ab workout too!

Many world class athletes and sports people include many variations of push-ups in their workouts, because they have come to realise just how fantastic these exercises are at helping to maximise your results.

Okay, so how is “the crawl push-up” performed?

Just checkout the video explanation below (there are 3 levels of difficulty):


Include the exercise of the month in your workouts to help challenge your body with new exercises. Your body likes variety and this is a great exercise to help you create a varied workout to get the results you deserve.

Leave me your comments below once you have tried it and let me know what you think…


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