Exercise of the Month for October – “Turkish Get-Up”

This exercise is probably one of the best single exercises to use as it delivers amazing benefits for your abs, fat loss, fitness and full body strength.

We featured this exercise on the blog about 6 months ago, but it is such a great exercise that enables you to get a full body workout without any exercise equipment and that is why we thought it was worth highlighting again as we know that some of you may have missed it.

So, what is a Turkish Get-Up (TGU)? In essence, it is the proper series of movements that will have you safely and effectively coming from lying flat on your back to standing straight up, all while holding a weight directly overhead…and then of course slowly reversing that movement until you are lying on your back again.

How is the Turkish Get-Up performed? What you must first know is that there is a bit of a learning curve associated with performing it as it is not easy to do at first. But, it is well worth taking the time to learn this exercise, because it has so many benefits that can help:
• Build muscle
• Burn body fat
• Boost metabolism

In fact, this may be the most beneficial and difficult exercise you ever perform.

But, it is well worth every second spent learning how to do it because it delivers amazing benefits for your abs, fat loss, fitness and full body strength.

This exercise is best learnt through seeing it and so I am going to suggest that you watch the video below. The video shows you how to perform it in 3 simple stages to make it even easier for you. Ensure you watch right to the end to see me perform a turkish get-up with my son and nephew!!


Alternatively, just check out the pictures below, showing the 3 stages:



















Make sure you include the exercise of the month in your workouts for a great full body workout. It really targets the abs, but also works the legs, arms and back all at the same time.

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  1. Cynthia
    6 years ago

    mmmm, what a workout, fantastic. A few of these a day will rock your abs.

    Thanks for sending.


  2. Lee-Anne
    6 years ago

    Fantastic website! Very informative. Love that there are pictures AND video!!

  3. Rika Trollip
    6 years ago

    I will definately use the Turkish Get up and Go. I LOVE IT!!! The video is very informative and practical. Send us more plse!!

  4. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Hi Cynthia, yes it definitely is a great ab workout!

  5. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words, Lee-Anne. I am going to try and ensure we get a good balance of pictures and video each month for the exercise of the month. Am introducing a workout of the month too…so keep a close eye on the blog!!

  6. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Thanks, Rika…I will be sending more especially as we add a “workout of the month” too. I had a look at your website and the work you do seems fantastic!

  7. tanya
    6 years ago

    Hi Robin

    thanks for emailing me this , i will definately try it , i bought me a trojan bike recently ,but have not had the time to use yet and i need to loose at least 7 kg again , not to worry when i left you i weight 62kgs , i weigh 65kgs , not bad for 2 years , don`t you think lol.

  8. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Hi Tanya, great to hear from you…I agree, that is pretty good going!! Dust off the cobwebs on that bike and just start. Don’t plan to start on Monday…or next week…or tomorrow…just do it…TODAY!! Remember that the interval training (fast / slow or hard / easy) is much more effective for weight loss and body fat loss than a steady pace cardio on the bike. Let know if you need any more help with any training guidelines…

  9. Ian
    6 years ago

    Hi Robin, thanks for sending me this link. I will definitely try it as I seriously need to start exercising again. I listened to your time on CCFM all the time and wanted to do the whole “get a flat tummy” from that time till the end of the year that the presenter were talking about…

    Do you have any more feedback on that and how to go about achieving that? Need to get rid of this extra love handles that have appeared…lol

  10. Derek
    6 years ago

    “Flip” Rob,
    You called me a machine(ha,ha!!)the other day.
    You’re just plain Psycho :))
    But, a good friend, thanks.

  11. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Hi Derek,
    You are a machine!! Apparently, so am I…or are we both just a little “psycho”? Lol.
    See you at boot camp, buddy!!

  12. robinbuck
    6 years ago

    Hi Ian,

    The “Turkish Get-Up” is a great exercise, but is a more advanced exercise. Be sure to check out the metabolism makeover resources. Just click on the resources tab and then access the workouts and workout music downloads. Getting a “flatter” tummy is about combining 1). exercise (metabolic resistance training and interval training being the best 2 ways I know of to get fast and effective results) and 2). nutrition

    The exercise helps build lean muscle and boost metabolism, while the nutrition helps maximise fat loss. To have a firm flat tummy, you need to tone the abdominal muscles and lose the layer of body fat that often covers them up! I will send some more info soon that is more specific for you to get a firmer flatter tummy before the end of the year. But, for now, a great start is to download all the metabolism makeover resources and start with those workouts.

    Yours in Fitness,