Exercise of the Month for March

Our theme for this month is: “the one sided argument for amazing abs” and we have been focusing on exercises that can be done on one side (left or right) at a time. Now, our exercise of the month for March at Fitness Boot Camp is not only a unilateral exercise, but it is also a full body exercise that works you from head to toe and really targets the abs too!

What is this fantastic exercise…“The Turkish Get-Up”.

In essence, a Turkish Get-up ( or TGU) is the proper series of movements that will have you safely and effectively coming from lying with your bum on the floor to standing fully straight up while holding a weight directly overhead… and then of course slowly reversing that movement until you are lying on your back again.

Here are some more specific benefits to this classic strength movement:

  • Can be used as an excellent whole body warm-up drill before more intensive exercise especially when you just use your body weight or with a light resistance
  • Can also be utilised as a whole body workout routine using heavier resistance and longer work periods – this is exactly what we did at boot camp last week. We used the TGU as our 20 minute workout.
  • Great for strengthening wrists and forearms (these are areas that are particularly weak in society today due to the sedentary lifestyles and work that most people do – sitting at a desk most of the day)
  • An excellent way to bulletproof your lower back and shoulder girdle from injury!
  • Helps develop a strong upper back and that V-taper/shape that makes your waist appear smaller
  • Develops a great combination of movement and stability.
  • Works your core in 3 dimentions (3 directions of movement) whereas most other core exercises only address forward / backward movement eg. crunches, sit-ups. So, it really targets & strengthens the all-important oblique (love handle or side abdominal) muscles which are so important for optimal health and performance
  • A much, much safer and more effective core training alternative to crunches and sit-ups which promote excessive flexion of the lumbar spine and lead to lower back pain/injury
  • Great for developing hip and upper back/thoracic spine mobility which is essential for people who sit at their desks all day long at work
  • Excellent for building core, knee, hip, and shoulder stability
  • Great tool for teaching proper lunging mechanics & technique.

The best way to teach the full TGU is to first break it down into its 3 basic stages with step-by-step instructions. Check out the video below to see exactly how to do each stage and then put it all together…be sure to watch right to the end to see the Turkish Get-Up with some rather unconventional resistance “equipment”…then leave me your comments…


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  1. Full Body Workout
    6 years ago

    Ver nice exercise. I will make it part of my routine.