Exercise of the Month for January

Our exercise of the month for January is “The Corkscrew Push-Up”

Now, most people know what a push-up is and have probably tried a few at some stage in their life. But, few people know that push-ups can be a full body workout and the corkscrew pushup is no exception. It works:

  • the legs
  • arms and
  • abs all at the same time

We last featured the Corkscrew Push-Up in February 2011, and just had to bring it back as it was one of the most talked about exercises amongst boot campers. And, since including it again in our workouts this month, it has been the talk of boot camp!!

You either love it or dread its appearance in the workouts…yes, it is that good an exercise!

Okay, so how is “the corkscrew push-up” performed? Just check out the video below…

The 3 levels of difficulty described in the video, make sure that there is something for most fitness levels…

Make sure you include our exercise of the month in your workouts to help really challenge your body with new exercises. Your body likes variety and this is a great exercise to help you create a varied workout to get the results you deserve. Leave me some comments about how you get on with this one…


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