Exercise of the Month – A Great Push-Up for a Full Body Workout

Now, we last featured this exercise back in February this year, but boot campers have been complaining about it all last week. And these complaints mean only one thing – that this is a great exercise that works your whole body!! It works legs, arms and abs all at the same time.

And what with the Olympics now behind us, I thought that if you have been inspired to exercise, then you are going to need some great exercises to help you out and so I just had to bring the knee to elbow push-up back as our exercise of the month. Do a few sets with short rests and it will get your heart rate racing too and help improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your metabolism, tone and build muscle and burn body fat. Yes, it can help do all of these things!!

If you want to see some pictures and explanations of how to perform this exercise then just click here to go to our last blog post that featured this exercise.

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