Does Your Exercise and Diet Hibernate During Winter?

Most people’s exercise routines go into hibernation during the winter months. We eat more and we exercise less…and justify it with all sorts of things like:

– it’s too cold or too dark to exercise

– I need to eat more to give my body more energy to stay warm during winter

This winter exercise hibernation is then followed in a few months by a frantic resurgence of the exercise routine and diet. These behaviours are often fueled by the realisation that you may have to wear a little less in summer and you would like the extra bits that are revealed to look more appealing than they do right now!!

So what then should you be doing?

You could save yourself a lot of trouble by finding a way to continue your exercise and eating plan throughout winter. If you do, getting fitter, healthier and sexier for the summer months is a lot easier!!

In fact, at our boot camp programme we have already had a few people with weight loss results of up to 14kg in the last few months. They are also determined to continue this throughout winter and not let it slip.

So, what is their secret to exercising and eating well?


Yes, it’s a big word that is perhaps the best way for you to keep going during winter. Find a friend, colleague or family member to help you get through winter. You could even sign up with a personal trainer or join a boot camp programme such as ours in order to emerge from the winter months fitter, healthier and sexier!!

Let me know your thoughts, challenges and successes by leaving your comments below…

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