Do You Want a Firmer, Flatter Tummy?

You know that song that goes: “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…”. Well, I know a lot more people who would rather want a firmer, flatter tummy!! If that is your Christmas wish, then you need to stay tuned to this blog over the next 6 weeks. We will be bringing you a special programme called “How to get a firmer, flatter tummy in 6 weeks”.

Now, before we start on our exercise or nutrition plan, you need to know exactly what is required to getting a firmer, flatter tummy. And, there are 2 parts to getting these results:

1). You need to exercise your abs so that they look really good (more toned, firmer and better defined). And there are certain exercises that work a lot better than others…so forget all about sit-ups and crunches (none of those are in this programme)

2). You need to lose some body fat around your tummy area so that you will be able to better see those firmer, more defined abs that you are sculpting. And for this you will need the right exercise and the right nutrition (more on this next week)…


How will this programme work?

I will upload weekly exercise workouts and eating tips for you to follow. But, before we start our exercise and eating plan, I need you to do 2 things for me:

1). Firstly, you must stop and reflect on exactly what it is you want to achieve over the next 6 weeks. You need to set some goals. People who pause to set some goals before embarking on their exercise or diet always get better results. And we want to ensure that you do too. Below is a “goal tracker” worksheet for you to download:

Goal Tracker Worksheet (just right click and choose “save as”)


2). Secondly, you need to take some measurements to establish where you are right now, so that it is easy for you to track your progress. There are a number of things you can track such as weight, centimetres, body fat, clothes size, energy levels and a few more. For this we have a measurement tracker for you. Download it below:

Measurement Tracker Worksheet


Some Homework:

Each week I will have some homework for you to do. This week’s homework is all about getting ready and involves you performing your goal setting and measurements. Do NOT skip this important step.
If you are so excited to get going after setting your goals and you want to start right now, then leave me a comment on the blog so that I can send you the “early bird” exercise programme.

Remember to leave me your comments below. This way I can keep you updated via email on the “How to Get a Firmer, Flatter Tummy in 6 Weeks” programme so that you do not miss out on anything…

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