Diet versus Exercise?

I recently witnessed a battle of the two fitness & fat loss icons:

“Diet” and “Exercise”

Want to know who won? Want to know whether it is possible to “out-exercise” nutrition. Or whether you can “out-eat” exercise?

Two of my colleagues, Craig Ballentyne and Brad Pilon put together an awesome contest on video that answered these questions and proved a point.

Craig jumped on the treadmill at 17.5km/hour or 11miles/hour (faster than most people will ever go!!).

Brad picked up his pizza and favourite “fizzy drink” and the race was on!!

Brad was off to a fast start and it was clearly apparent he was not going to waste any time getting stuck into his pizza. Craig got a great start and was speeding away on the treadmill.

After just 3 minutes, Brad had consumed between 800-1000 calories (pizza and fizzy drink). Craig had used up about 43 calories in the same time!!

I think the winner is pretty obvious.

When it comes to fitness and fat loss, you have to address your nutrition.

You cannot out-exercise poor nutrition

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  1. Bruce Wade
    9 years ago

    I am sure that if you ate faster and with more enthusiasm you will burn enough calories to counterbalance the effect of the Pizza.
    I will give it a go tonight and see what happens…