Diet Versus Exercise…Who Wins?

These two fitness & fat loss icons have been battling it out for decades…So, which one is better for fat loss. What should you be focussing on to get amazing results?

I last wrote a blog on this exact topic back in July 2009. And, nothing has changed since that blog post.

So, you still cannot “out-exercise” nutrition. Or put another way, you can very easily “out-eat” exercise!!

Two of my colleagues, Craig Ballentyne (of Turbulence Training fame) and Brad Pilon (Eat Stop Eat) put together an awesome contest on video that proved this point very well.

Craig jumped on the treadmill at 17.5km/hour (or 11miles/hour) which is faster than most people will ever go!!

Brad picked up his pizza and favourite “fizzy drink” and the race was on!!

Brad was off to a fast start and it was clearly apparent he was not going to waste any time getting stuck into his pizza. Craig got a great start and was speeding away on the treadmill.

After just 3 minutes, Brad had consumed between 800-1000 calories (pizza and fizzy drink). Craig had used up about 43 calories in the same time!!

I think the winner is pretty obvious.

When it comes to fitness and fat loss, you have to address your nutrition and eat right!! But, don’t stop there…make sure you have an exercise programme and eating plan that support each other and get you the results you deserve.

Just remember, that you cannot out-exercise poor nutrition. Here is a short version of the video:

If you want to see a few more videos in this series, then pop on over to youtube and type in “diet versus exercise, turbulence training”.

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