Boot Camp Workouts for February

Shock your body with Ladder Intervals at Fitness Boot Camp this month…

As you probably already know, the typical interval workout features a single interval protocol with a preset work and rest period.

For example, a 30-30 interval workout consists of alternating between 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest. This is an example of a 1:1 work to rest ratio.

Is there anything wrong with this format?

Absolutely not!

It’s a very simple approach to interval training and it will deliver great results.

However, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit and actually change the intervals within the same workout.

In other words, why not include multiple interval protocols within the same interval workout?

This method provides an excellent shock to the body to help you break through any frustrating workout and training plateaus. In fact, it is such a great way to mix up your workout that we are going to be spending the month of February doing just that at our boot camps…

And, in case you were wondering what these workouts are called: “ladder intervals”.

Here is what we will be doing:

Workout 1: Continuous 30-second Movement Ladders

Workout 2: Pyramid Interval Trisets (15-30-45-60-60-45-30-15)

Workout 3: Ascending & Descending Ladder Intervals (10-20-30-30-20-10)

Why Ladder Intervals?

Below are 5 reasons why you should be doing Ladder intervals:

  • Shocks your body with multiple interval protocols within the same workout to smash through those frustrating training plateaus
  • You get fun, fresh, and exciting workouts – a change is as good as a holiday!
  • Allows you to gradually build up from easier work periods to more intense work periods and vice versa
  • Provides you with a complete energy system development and total metabolic workout
  • Allows you to train different muscle qualities within the same workout by performing work periods of various lengths and intensities

All these benefits translate into a fitter, healthier and sexier you!

Remember, the key to continual results is changing your training every 3-4 weeks and clearly ladder intervals are a great way to do just that!

Why not leave a comment or  two about your thoughts or experience on ladder intervals

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  1. Frank Fitness
    7 years ago


    those Ladder Intervals are brutal


  2. robinbuck
    7 years ago

    Frank, I just had 17 boot campers agree with that!! They really do work you till you drop!