Are You up for the Challenge?

Do you ever struggle to keep your motivation with the exercise you are doing?

If so, there is a great way to maintain your motivation and ensure that your body continues to transform and get better and better…

The Workout Challenge

Today was workout challenge day…all my boot campers and personal training clients were confronted with the “200” workout challenge today!

This involved them performing 200 total repetitions as fast as they could. We utilised five different exercises. They had to do 20 reps of each exercise before moving to the next exercise in the sequence. This 5 exercise circuit was then repeated to make a total of 200 reps.

Here are the exercises:

Squat Swings

Squat Swings x 20

hear is the lunge & we added a row action with resistance band

reverse lunge x 20 (we just added some rowing with a resistance band)

mountain climbers

mountain climbers x 20 (count on left leg movement)

Ab Bicycle x 20 (count on left leg movement)

Ab Bicycle x 20 (count on left leg movement)

Push Ups x 20

Push Ups x 20

Getting through all 5 x 20 reps = 100 reps. Then repeat another time to total 200 reps.

The fastest time recorded today was 5 minutes and 50 seconds…

Workout challenges are an excellent way to give you a little extra motivation and you can test yourself every few weeks to see how you are improving. At boot camp we have a whole range of workout challenges…!!

Give the above workout challenge a try and let me know how you do…

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