2010 Will Change You…

When I mention “2010” what do you think of…?

For many people, images of the Soccer World Cup in 2010 is what appears in our minds…for some these are very pleasant thoughts and for others these may be very unpleasant thoughts.

Now, when I say “2010” at boot camp…the Soccer World Cup is the last thing on boot campers’ minds. Let me explain:

2010 at boot camp (or more specifically “20:10’s”) refers to a very specific exercise workout. It involves performing 20 seconds of exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

This 20 second and 10 second cycle is repeated 8 times to make up 4 minutes of exercise. Then there is a one minute rest – making a 5 minute circuit.

This 5 minute circuit is repeated 4 times for a very intense 20 minute workout during which your entire body (arms, legs, core) has been subjected to some awesome strength training. We also include cardio in this 20 minutes and so 2010’s are the most well-rounded workout you can imagine!!

In fact, I believe that this is probably one of the best workout structures ever created…

  • it’s time effective
  • it does not need a lot of equipment
  • you can do it almost anywhere
  • it results in a full body workout
  • it produces incredible fitness and fat loss results

Below is a video of me performing one of these 4 minute workouts at home:

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