Fitness Boot Camp is a monthly membership programme. However, we give you many options for you to come and experience our unique and exciting programme.

Free Trial Offer

For all people new to boot camp, we offer a 2 week FREE trial for you to come and “test-drive” our programme. This is a “no obligations” opportunity for you to come and experience exactly what we do, how we do it and most importantly, how we can help YOU get the results that you deserve.

Here’s what you get during your FREE trial:

  • Six boot camp strength workouts (featuring some of the FASTEST fitness and fat loss workouts on the planet!!)
  • A complimentary nutrition workshop / grocery store tour (we visit Pick ‘n Pay and walk the store with you to teach you all about eating for great results)

If you like what we do, then you have the opportunity to join us for the rest of the programme (at a reduced fee of course – just our way of saying thank you for taking the time to get to know us a bit better)

Or you can take advantage of one of our membership programmes where you get many additional benefits & savings.

Please note: We have a limited number of free trials on our programme, so click here to get your 2 week FREE trial NOW so that you do not miss out.

Membership Options

Our boot camp workouts run in 4-5 week phases with 1-3 week transition periods based around seasonal variations and corporate/school schedules.

This means that we run 8 programmes throughout the year with a mid year “winter boot camp blitz” and an “end of year boot camp bonanza”.

All members receive:

  • boot camp workouts
  • maintenance training programmes
  • nutrition programmes
  • social support and accountability

Below is a summary of the Fitness Boot Camp membership options:

2010 Membership Options

To claim your FREE Trial or become a Member:


“I couldn’t have said it better myself…”

“I would recommend fitness boot camp to anyone who is serious about not only weight loss, but building self esteem and just wanting to be healthy.” – Tanya Miseroole

“The Fitness Boot Camp has given me a new lease on life, I feel ten years younger. I am more alert at work and my fitness levels have increased dramatically over 4 weeks, more than I expected. I have lost a few kilo’s, and 4% Body Fat, and that is without dieting!” – Janine Gray

“For the first time in my life (I’m 53) I got a real sense that there are things I can do on an ongoing basis constantly to improve my fitness level and to look after myself. This was a very positive experience for me, and I wish I’d started it thirty or forty years ago.” – Leslie Swartz